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It started with Tay and I writing an RPG on IM. I'd been having a horrible week and Tay tried to help me by writing us RPGs. Well, this expanded and I created a freewebs site for us and the RPG, also creatng her her own RPG. These are for us to live out our greatest fantasies. With girls like us we have a lot of great fantasies. Well, freewebs has never been that good unless you have a small inconvenient site. Basically I don't enjoy or like freewebs much so I moved all of our posts here to this site, also creating us a Supernatural RPG. This site is dedicated to Tay though we both have our own stuff here. It's nice actually to be able to get away from the world through acting yourself and still just getting away. That's what this site is here for. You'll find that no one but us two can get into the RPG, and that the register button is missing. I made it that way. *Grin*
Most of the characters we use are those soley created by a genius with the name of Eric Kripke. We just use Sam, Dean, and a few others to round out our RPG playing. They are not ours. Though original characters not in the show either portray us or are characters created by us. No copyright infringement intended. This sight is purely for girlish fun.